“Parents can give birth to the child, but not the fortune. Believe me, nobody knows the destiny, except God.” Good luck


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Who is greater among the three, destiny, God or Karma? The story is about a young boy who has taken birth in a middle class family, but he is so fortunate from the time of his birth that success always touches his feet. On the other hand, the only daughter from a very rich family is born, rather unfortunate. In every step she faces failure and to make matters worse for herself, she has left the luxury of her father’s house in anger. 

But suddenly the two of them meet each other in such a way that their fates too interchange. What happens then? Trust me...you will be forced to think…. whether destiny plays an important role or karma?

This unusually comic love story portrays the emotion in a subtle yet truthful manner that is so far unexplored and sustains in it a complete logic.

Accept the truth that only God can give fortune.