Haanji..... Kahaan Jayenge Aap?

(Reg. Story No.........)

Written By:

Mukund Trivedi



This story runs into a series of episodes. This is a story of a talented good-looking girl from a lower middle class Circumstances push her to become a private taxi-driver Although thin in frame She is a very hardworking, intelligent and a brave girl.

The difficult situations confronted by her in life makes her out to be a though and a smart lady She has a short cru-cut hair like that of a boy and looks like an absolute Tom-boy in man's outfit She was a college drop out after 3 years of hearing graduation Every character has an individual story to unfold. This serial has many dimensions.

This female protagonist has her own mental agony, dreams and aspirations about life. She has undergone pains of severed relationships. She is burdened by the family's responsibilities. She is distressed by her deprived status.

Her another side of the personality as a Taxi-driver, when she comes across different types of people through out the day when they travel by her taxi. She gets to see both good and bad among people who hire her cab. She listens to their good and ugly stories as they converse while travelling in her taxi.

Sometimes she gets entrapped by the problems created by her passengers. On some occasions she goes out of the way to help in solving the problems of other people. Everyday is a new day with new set of experiences.

At the end of the day, when she returns home absolutely exhausted and hungry, she has to deal with some more problems of her own people living in that house. In the phase of different episodes, she faces many ups and downs with new situations cropping up now and then.

Happy and sad incidents occur. The prevailing social problems are sensitively dealt with. They remind the people of the undercurrent sorrows adn complicated circumstances that are continuously confronted by the lower middle class women.

The story is charged with subtle emotions that touch the core of the heart.


The End