How to write the script



        Subject of the story

        Centre Character, main character who carries the story with one mission and that will continue till end.

        There should be a strong motive character.

        Background of the story (which place, which town, which village)

        Characterization (their external and internal behaviour like how they talk and what exactly they are thinking their mind. Their relation with other characters, their thought process and what is the chemistry between the two characters)

        From where you start the story... (it may start from flash-back) It should be interesting when you start the story.

        They Dialogue between the two characters... how where and when... what way the talk... their language... it depends the background of the subject.

        What is new you're giving to the audience, and what message you are giving.

        The art of story-telling should be very important. When you write some scene and somebody is reading that, it should be the visually effect, they could feel while reading the script.

        The impact of the scene should be justify and the reader should have a question... what happen next? If it is not, it will not use writing any story.

        The idea... the midpoint... the hook... the twist... it should hold the character and the story line till end.

        Justify with every character and there should be a sum up of every character.

        Premises is very important

        The beginning... the mid-point... the interval... the climax... and the end... you must remember those point.

        Treatment... highlights.... drama... mellow-drama... should be with force.

        Step out line... unpredictable scene... symbolic scene... significant character and scene.

        You are writing the subject in modern world for the next generation. You can't cross the line... within time... interesting and way of telling should be different, motivating, appealing, fascinating.

        The character of the story should have a different thoughts of principle which will create their difference opposing.

        Gradually when the story moves, curiousness, inspire or it gives inspiration.

        Plot-pint. Every character should be meaning full.

        First introduction and first scene of the subject is very important.

        First ten minutes of the subject and the last ten minutes should be very interesting.

        Do not write long scene.

        If one, two or three character are saying something to each-other, you make them in war doing something.

        Avoid sitting and standing scene. Character should be moving or doing every time.

        The Second half should not be weaker or not less interesting then first half.

        Flash back... flash forward... is backbone of the screenplay...

        One line story-screenplay should go sequence wise. The tempo should not slow down.

        The story should be very clear... neat and clean... transparent.... easy to understand... and you have many times to improve your subject again and again.

        You must know how to play with the character, which creates the colourfull and meaningfull drama... it is an art which you should express and give your own colour.

        Your subject should be very interesting and every one with the family can read and watch you subject.

        Do not write or create the cheap vulgar and crude or bad.