Spread over to fifty-two episodes, this mega serial “Jungle Kathayen” has been inspired by based on our great cultural classic, “The Panchtantra”. Though fictitious, this collection of stories created and expressed through the voice of the animals and birds of the jungle for the sole purpose of imparting the right kind of teaching for living a successful life. In this thoroughly entertaining mega comedy serial, various human emotions, actions & reactions have been portrayed through different animals and birds of the jungle.

The animals and birds living in similar world like that of ours are not entirely different than that of ours. Their languages may be different, but they too express the various feelings of happiness, sorrow, love and hatred. They too understand and experience feelings of attachment, shrewdness, cunningness, and greed. They also fool and con fellow animals & birds like us.

          Through some concocted fables & fantasies we have tried to view the animals and birds the jungle in a totally new ornamented perspective.  Keeping pace with times, we have them with new look, a new entity into an entirely new scenario.  In their new colourful world they have been provided with all latest gizmos and paraphernalia to give it the required authenticity like in our very own world.

Chapter: 01 & 02

          The basic story of “Jungle Kathayen” takes off in the kingdom of a king named Shaktishali. He was a very strict and disciplinary king. His people used to fear him very much. He had three cute loving young sons. They were extremely calm, naïve, honest & pure in conscience. The king had many latent enemies. The children were not allowed to go out of the palace alone for the fear of enemies & were bought up under stringent securities. Such suffocating habitat retarded their physical intellectual & mental aptitude. And hence they became very mild & dumb. The king became very concerned and tensed for he didn’t know how to make them worthy of ruling the kingdom.

          The king consulted many educationists, scholars, well-wishers and sages but all in vain. This brought about deterioration of the situation further. The king became very sad and gloomy. Around the same time, one midnight an old famous thief “Chapal” entered into the king’s bedroom evading all prying security eyes and woke him up. The king was surprised, since for years he had been trying to catch this thief and now he was standing in front of his eyes. Chapal, the great thief, proposed to train and educate his three sons in every aspect of life and turn them into shrewd, intelligent, confident human beings who would be able to rule the kingdom dextrously.

          The king knew that adversity and necessity had made Chapal a thief, though he had a razor sharp mind and he also belonged to a high caste family. Once the king even thought a catching Chapal, about this, he had got wind of, so he wanted to slip away. In the ensuring pandemonium, the queen and the prince came there and after listening to everything they urged the king to let them learn and educate at his disposal. The king had no other options, since he had already tried all other ways without any fruitful results. So he gave in to the boy’s demands and they joined Chapal deep inside the jungle at his habitat, to learn the tricks of the trade to survive in this ruthless world. The prime minister and the defence minister were not at all happy with this kind of arrangement.

After a couple of months, when the king enquired, he found out that the children had been showing remarkable improvements in their overall developments. They were laughing, playing, enjoying & were not at all nervous or scared. They had become fearless. Everyday Chapal used to tell them a jungle story, which had been unwinding the blocked and underdeveloped portion of their various intellects. It is from here, the core story begins to unravel itself...

Once upon a time, Shersingh, a fearsome lion lived deep inside a jungle. He was very strict and ruthless by nature. The entire jungle was very scared of him. Many of the animals feared danger to their lives. Where as one day the Tiger as prime minister, and crocodile, as the defence minister with the help of the wolf hatched a plan and attacked Shersingh when he had gone hunting. The lion was badly injured but was saved in the nick of time, was saved by the elephant doctor. After a thorough medical check up, the doctor elephant advised him to get admitted to a better & bigger hospital in another jungle, other wise he would succumb to his injury, as he was already a patient of cardiac ailment.

Shersingh got very tensed up for if he would go to another jungle, someone else might usurp his throne. When he discussed this problem with his doctors, he reminded him about Shersingh twin brother Shamshersingh who used to live in an adjacent jungle. He could be substituted for Shersingh till he recovers and comes back. Shersingh liked the idea, but he cautioned the elephant not to talk about this new arrangement to anyone. One day the doctor brought along Shersingh’s twin brother Shamsher in to the den clandestinely. Shamsher was told the whole plan. Against this he was promised a treatment equivalent to royalty. Shamshersingh, the incapable old lion found the new equation very tempting, so he immediately moved there along with his daughter, Rani a lioness. Though the timid lion was feeling great in this new arrangement, he was not at all aware of other problems. After that Shersingh moved to another jungle for his treatment under the cover of darkness.

Shamsher used to remain always very scared of the elephant, because he was the only fellow who knew everything in detail. At the same time, at that age it was not possible for Shamshersingh to enjoy that kind of royalty. Elephant thought with serious nature of Shersingh’s health. His chances of survival are thin, so he would be the person who would pull the strings and would make Shamsher obey his commands, and that is how it moves.

Everything in the new set up under Shamsher was very topsy-turvy. Rabbit the health and family planning minister had a huge potbelly and ten children. The Bear was the education minister but was an absolute illiterate. Poor fellow, whenever he wanted to be a Good Samaritan, he landed up in some trouble.      

Each one of the cabinet ministers was a corrupt & crooked fellow. In the same way, the tiger, the crocodile & other animals held different portfolios, and they all had some interesting story to tell. Each episode deals with a new story and each character delivers enough entertainment, humour & subtle satire. They all have their own world, own happiness, own sorrows and very own story to tell the huge world outside.