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The Hero is a computer Hacker. He is deeply involved in cyber crime. Suddenly a beautiful girl comes in his life, who changes his thought process. But it was too late for him. He was being trapped by enemies. The story is about how he
( a wanted man ) fights with the situation and finally saves the country.

A fast pace Thriller.

( Story Registered by Film Writers Association. )

View the Story Here : The Hacker


  • Make Up Man -

Its a one night story. A thief ( hero ) enters the house, in the night, where a wedding is taking place. The bride ( heroine ) doesnt want to marry. She wants to end her life. How the Hero tries to help her.

Entertainment : Situational Comedy : Hilarious Drama.

( Story Registered by Film Writers Association. )

  • Exchange Offer

A Black Comedy about 3 married couples. How they have been involved ( extra marital affair ) in difficult situation and come out finally.

( Story Registered by Film Writers Association. )

  • Struggler -

Three Heroes from different parts of the country, trying their luck in the film industry. With Different identities. One Location Situation. Comedy Drama.

( Story Registered by Film Writers Association. )

HA Rich Man becomes a Pauper saving his childrens from the Kidnappers. He gives up all his money just to save his kids.  After a loong interval, when the children become marrried and rich. This man ( father ) is being kidnapped and they least bother. How a stranger ( hero ) helps this old man and teaches a lesson to the kids.

A Comedy Melodrama.

( Story Registered by Film Writers Association. )

View the Story Here : Buddha Zinda Hai

  • Baap Re Baap -

Hilarious, Social comedy drama of three generations - Dada and Nana, Father and their young ( Hero ) grandson. Central theme content of Hero getting sandwiched between the conflicts and hatred amongst the elder generation and how ultimately he brings them together along with his girlfriend ( Heroine).
g. Story. FWA )
For full detailed script ( which is ready ), kindly contact us.


  • Neeli Ankhen -

Suspense Thriller between a husband and a wife, who kept one secret close to their heart from each other which returns to haunt them.
(Reg. Film Writers Association - 33753 Sept 89.)


  • Who Am I?
     (Main Kaun Hoon?)-

It was a horrendous accident...but the victim survived miraculously. He underwent many operations, plastic surgeries and prolonged medications. Eventually when, he regains his consciousness in the hospital, he was stunned to find himself surrounded by cops. In the eyes of the law he was one of the most dreaded criminals of the State.
On the basis of records and circumstantial evidences the police frames a formidable case against him. Unfortunately, he has no memory of his past and cannot remember anything. During his period of unconsciousness, an unknown group kidnaps his girlfriend from the same hospital. She was the only person, he knew, who was with him at the time of accident. After this incident the police tightens the security cover around him. He cleverly escapes the police cordon; and gets away from the hospital with the help of a nurse, to uncover the truth. A grand chase begins. The police and old enemies get after him. Without getting killed he has to find out one quintessential thing: Who Am I? Will he be able to find out or will he get caught before he can accomplish his mission?.

Why the story is so interesting?

The USP of the script

• A whodunit that will zap the viewer.
• Created in the genre of SHOCKERS.
• An edge of the seat thriller with a twist a minute.
• A complete blend of music, romance and suspense.
• A wholesome mesmerizer.
• It will do to you what VERTIGO did to Hitchcock.
• Never a dull moment drama of high voltage.

g. Story. FWA )
For full detailed script ( which is ready ), kindly contact us.


It is a story of Two couples, who are rich and famous in the glamour world. One Partner of each couple comes to know that their spouses are not faithful ( rather betraying their trust ). Then they hitch a plot to kill each other spouse. ( You kill my husband, I will kill your wife ), Then what happens?.

This is the suspense.

( Centrally One Location with Four characters mainly )

A short film Suspense Drama.

Romantic Thriller.
(Reg. Story. FWA )

Story Here : The Game

For full detailed script ( which is ready ), kindly contact us.


  • Bhichada Hua Meet -

Meghna is a young girl who returns back home (Bombay) from London after many years. Ever since she could remember she'd been staying away with her aunt at London. After coming down to Bombay she learns a rather shocking news that her mother had been murdered in a Gangwar and her father was one of the most dreaded White collared Dons' of Bombay. When she gets to know about the facts she decides to run away from her fathers house. She changes her identity and starts searching for a new life in a different state. She starts working and enjoying her independence.

On three different occasions three young men come into her life. She had a different experience with each one. None of them know about her past. One of the boys, a gentle young man, is her emotional support in love. Another one is the flamboyant, rich young, man, who sweeps her off her feet. For this chap money and fame is evertything. The third one is the mysterious man who creates suspense around her. Even though she has not seen him face-to-face she longs for him. Who is this guy? What happens next? Does Meghna's dream come true?.

For full detailed script ( which is ready ), kindly contact us.


  • Sajish -
    Brightness is
     the shadows

A mentally challenged young ex army officer battles to decipher the codes of cross relations of his own real life maze.

Exposure reveals unbelievable phenomenon in the otherwise normal life.

Friends, relatives and the entities around him starts transcends to the limit of his perception.

Be or not to be, have or not to have, is or else. Moves of mesmerizing intelligence, awaits him with its new faces at every step.

All begins with a sudden meeting of two old friends after the years of lost contacts. Both are young, both are ex army man, and both are now married. They are moving in the happening circles of society with enviable wives at their command.

At the outset of years of awaiting excitement, refreshed association of friends opens the new frontiers of possibilities of joy. However, before the excitement take shape, the bubbles put to test.

In the midst of vulnerable times a sudden incidence turns their lives into a maze of suspicion that ultimately poisons the realm. Suspicion clouds their world. And when the clouds rain the mud comes out at the surface to reveal a totally new picture.

Of course the brightness prevail … but you know it’s suspense.


For full detailed script ( which is ready ), kindly contact us.



A genetics based story of triplets (three brothers) who comes from the same criminal parentage but are brought up at three different surroundings, and environment unaware of each other’s existence.

Scientifically it has been tried to explain that the criminal tendencies in human beings are governed by genetically influenced genes.

The story has a perfect dose of romance, thrill, suspence, humour, action and Drama. This is the essence of the story”. The story about one face and three character…. the good, the bad and the ugly....

View the Story Here : Teen Ekkay

For full detailed script ( which is ready ), kindly contact us.


  • Love Boat -

A story of a ship, full of married couples on their honeymoon cruises that will never return. A bone chilling horror story of the honeymoon cruisers on ghost ship with its ghost crew...the secret is uncovered only in the end. 
g. Story. FWA )
For full detailed script ( which is ready ), kindly contact us.


  • Hello India -

Two young men comes from England come to India for the first time. One is an Englishman and the other is an N.R.I. They stay in a retired Judge's house and then the story unfolds. They gradually understand and come to know of the indian culture and value. Its based on Human Relationships. The story begins....
It can be made in English and Hindi. 
Reg. Story. FWA)
For full detailed script ( which is ready ), kindly contact us.


  • Kaun Ho Tum -

A suspense drama with emotions and comedy. The complete story is based in a Motel. Different people come from different parts of the world only to come to know that they are someway related to each other and the suspense starts. ( A high tension drama ).
(Reg. Story. FWA)
For full detailed script ( which is ready ), kindly contact us.


  • Plot No 420 -

Comedy Thriller with Family Drama.
(Reg. Film Writers Association - 39268 P 20 / 20 Aug 91.)


A 24 Hour based thriller about a wanted man who saves his country.
(Reg. Story. FWA)

View the Story Here. : Boeing Plot.


  • Sunayna -

An Emotional Family Drama. The story is about a grandfather and his grand daughter who have never met with each other.
(Reg Story. FWA )


  • Good, Bad
    and Ugly -


A Genetic based story of a triplex who comes from the same criminal parentage but brought up at three different surroundings and environment, unaware of each others existence.
(Reg. Story. FWA )


  • Roshni -

A story of blind thief, based on Comedy & Suspense.
(Reg. Story. FWA )


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