Crime and Punishment

(Reg. Story No.........)

Written By:

Mukund Trivedi



A person who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unknowingly he saw a crime scene... and he want to escape, but they want to catch him. Just to save his life, he escape and wants to inform the Police. But he had a bad luck. He traps in a difficult and miserable situation. He wants to know the real truth and that was his mistake. There was a triple threat for his life. Now he cannot trust anyone, to prove his innocence. He start collecting the evidence from beginning. In this process, he lost his job, love and home. Now he is a accused and suspicious wanted criminal. He is not unlawful but a soft target. Finally how he solves the puzzle and proofs his blamelessness that is the story. This is a suspense thriller, adventure and high voltage drama. Of course with love and romance.


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