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    India based TV Serial & Films Story & Screenplay Writer who offers Hollywood & Bollywood Script & Story Screenplay.
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Becoming A Successful Moviestar

To become a successful movie and Television star, you have to have a sufficient prominence of few planets in your birth chart. You require an energetic personality, an outward expression of feelings, to perform well. Mars appears to be a requisite for motion pictures. In this profession, one has to work for long hours under great pressure. Also, one needs strong support of Mars. It gives power, energy and aggressiveness in your profession.

Along with Venus, the planet Uranus also plays equally important role in this profession. Ability to fascinate and express more than ordinary charm, using better and better methods of working skill are required. They should be loveable, adorable, loyal, sincere and must have fixed views.

The planet Neptune also plays an important role to promote the project, and recognize one's personality to reproduce a musical sense and to play different and difficult characters. Once the star reaches the top, he needs to work hard to stay there. Mercury helps in mapping the intellectual thought cells. Where the Venus is prominent, it gives beauty, grace and creative image. It also gives magnetic and charming look.

In the chart, 5th house is also very important, as it is the department of entertainment, in general and stage and screen performance. Whereas, the 1st house is always shaping personality and physical appearance. These people are friendly, generous, artistic and attractive. They are determined, balanced, responsible and harmonious. These are the factors in the birth chart which should be prominent for movie and television.



India based TV Serial & Films Story & Screenplay Writer who offers Hollywood & Bollywood Script & Story Screenplay     
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